Cottongum is a citizen of Unicornia


Cottongum is a half human, half unicorn female with pastel blue hair, human skin and light blue eyes. Her magic's color is a bright shimmery blue.


Cottongum has only one power, which is electricity.


Hayden: Hayden is Cottongum's human brother, which she has had to contact with ever since she was taken to Unicornia.

Shockcandy: Shockcandy is Cottongum's father, who has blue hair, and pale blue eyes. Shockcandy abandoned his family, soon after Cottongum was born.

Adrienne: Cottongum's loving mother. She was hesitant to let Starshine take Cottongum to Unicornia, and she thought she would lose her daughter forever.


Cottongum is cheeful, a hopeless romantic, flirty, a sweeth tooth, a scaredy cat, and hyper


Cottongum uses two electric swords as her weapons.

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